Great Show and lots of fun at the Dolomiti Classic – Ascotrade – Arabba 2013

Almost 700 were the participants of the eighth edition of the classic branded Dolomites!

Arabba (BL), 08/09/2013 – Great success for the Dolomiti Classic – Ascotrade – Arabba. In fact there were almost 700 participants who started their ride from the centre of Arabba at 08:00 a.m with good weather in the early stages of the race, even if after a few hours a light rain came down, but without compromising the success of the event.

After the first leg of the race in common, most of the group chose the middle-distance route of 80 km with the Giau and Falzarego mountain passes. The most active since the first climb was Giovanni Pomari, (Team X-Bionic), who won the Medio Fondo race with a time of 2h 27′ 33”, ahead of Federico Brevi (Team Viesse Pro). The Podium was completed byStefano Pilo (A.S.D. Feltre Velo Cicli Dalla Rosa). Among the women, the victory went toManuela Sonzogni (Team Colpack) with a time of 2h 49′ 53”.

Giovanni Pomari: “I’m thrilled, I love this race and here I reached my first good result in the top ten ranking list. Last year I had finished second while this year I finally managed to win. These roads and climbs are familiar to me because I spend my holidays bike riding and training here in Arabba,” said the winner of the Medio Fondo route.

However there were also many daredevils who have decided to tackle the “queen” race of the Dolomiti Classic – Ascotrade – Arabba along the 130 km route, challenging and spectacular with four climbs that have made the history of cycling and of the Giro d’Italia: Duran, Staulanza, Giau and Falzarego. The strongest in absolute was the German Bernd Hornetz (Viner Factory Team) who finished the race in 4h 34′ 58”, ahead of Fabrizio Casartelli (Team Carimate A.S.D.) and of his fellow countryman and team mate Christian Schiller. Among the women, the victory went to the heroic Gloria Bee from Belluno (A.S. Dilettantistica G.S. Fonzaso) with a time of 5h 32′ 33”, behind her Valentina Gallo (AR-Team Armistizio) and on the third step of the Podium Dorina Vaccaroni (Alpilatte B.R. Pneumatici Zane), Olympic athlete of foil.

Bernard Hornetz: “It was a beautiful but very tough race, the decisive moment was the climb of the Giau mountain pass, where I was able to make the difference on my opponents and then I continued alone to the finish in Arabba. Winning in this way is really fantastic,” said the winner of the long-distance route.

Marco Sartori: “Even this year we are very proud of the success of the Dolomiti Classic. A significant detail is the presence of many foreign cyclists, not only from Europe (such as Belgians and Dutchmen), but also from the United States, Australia, and for the first time from Japan.

Cyclists are non only here to participate to the race, but also to spend a few days of holidays in the backdrop of the Dolomites, an important sign of touristic relapse that this event brings on the territory. In any case the main goal is to see the satisfaction of our riders, hoteliers and tour operators un Arabba who support us year after year an believe in this sports event,” said thePresident of the Dolomiti Classic.

Renzo Minella: “First of all I congratulate the winners and all the competitors, from the first one to the last, that fulfilled the race, taking part in the success this great day of sport and cycling. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all the more than 300 volunteers, police and Alpini who worked hard, not only today but throughout the week; they are the heart of the event and their help is always fundamental for the safety, services during the race and all the logistics. Also a special thanks to our sponsors, first of all Ascotrade (society for the supply of natural gas, but also of electricity and energy saving), main sponsor of the event and Castelli, which has provided an important technical garment for the race package of the riders, “ says the coordinator of the Organizing Committee.

The party then continued after the race with the lunch for the competitors in the Palagusto of Arabba, according to a well-established tradition that has offered much more than just a pasta party; in fact cyclists enjoyed the typical Ladin cuisine. As always here in Arabba, lunch was for two, the rider and one attendant each.